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A strong approach to Business Process Management can be a dominant approach In order to form a culture of constant enhancement that delivers tangible benefits to various stakeholders (Shareholders, Customers, Colleagues and Regulators).

A SIPOC is a simple yet powerful process mapping technique that allows you to better understand the value stream of the activity through simple diagrams that enable colleagues to quickly and easily understand an end to end process.

It is observed that processes are rarely completed solely within the organizational unit where we are working. In most cases, other business activities are involved in the process before or after the process comes to the area where we are working with. The upstream and downstream processes are identified to help understand where the process is not optimized for efficiency, performance nor responding to the Voice of the Customer (VOC).

Business Process Management is a group of activities that when executed together, provide a complete solution to embedding improvement in organizations. Specifically, Lean Consulting can support with the development and implementation of:

  • Process Documentation
  • Process Ownership
  • Process Governance
  • Process Improvement
  • Quality Management
  • Continuous Improvement Culture

All of our associate consultants have immense amount of experience in Process Management. With our vast knowledge and shared experiences, we have identified what approaches work and what approaches struggle to add value or be sustained over the longer term for an organization.

We believe that implanting a culture of continuous improvement is crucial to the success of an organization which is guided by Business Process Management.