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Imagine things are running smoothly in your operation but you're not sure? Perhaps you know you have problems but don't know to what degree?

A Diagnostic by Lean Consulting can deliver you with an independent, unbiased analysis of your Operation. We'll benchmark your operation against our methodology looking specifically at your:

  • Operational Frameworks
  • Business Processes
  • People and Performance

A diagnostic will typically takes

  • 5 consulting days for a 200 seat operation.
  • 10 days for around 500 seat operation
  • 20 days for a 1000 seat operation.

Once completed, our findings would be presented to the key stakeholders in the business.

Our approach hubs around 3 essential areas that will lead to high performance.


Operational managers are often facing challenges in terms of making decisions that can have a significant impact on success or failure of the business. The lack of robust analytics means that many operational managers make key decisions based on incomplete, untrusted or unconfirmed data which can finally lead to overall failure of the business.

We assist businesses by challenging common opinions by looking at what the basic data tells us about a given scenario. Then managers are advised how to rely on data instead of 'gut feelings' and perception.

American Links also supports firms to understand key metrics and demonstrate the difference between types of data that can be collected and reported. Our approach is not software based, but rather uses a common sense approach to information and leverages your existing systems.

However, if there is a requirement by your organization for a comprehensive Analytics software package, we are able to help you navigate the vendor minefield by providing you with unbiased recommendations and RFP evaluation to help you choose a package that's right for your needs.