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We are capable of benefitting organizations to develop their strategy for their corporate planning period. Assistance can be given for operational areas to understand the role they play in the overall company strategy. During this process marketing may define a new strategic vision which consists of new suite of products, and IT may be rationalizing their estate of CRM's, operational areas can sometimes be overlooked from a strategic perspective.

According to our experience, operational areas regularly lack a strategy to initiate with, having just evolved as the business grew. The most commonplace strategic flaws in operational areas is how the flow of work moves around the operation. Unnecessary segmentation, ring-fenced teams, lack of common processing practices and a poor organizational design.

As a solution for these encounters we offer strategic Hoshin Kanri planning training and strategy formulation seminars for managers at all heights of the organization. Management top proprieties are planning and ensuring that everyone is working towards the firm key objectives. The Hoshin Kanri is a methodology that supports management successfully realize these top priorities. This tool is one of the most powerful planning method available today, allowing breakthrough innovations and continuous improvement. It provides a method for creating a comprehensive deployment strategy between all levels of employees, keeping everyone focused on top priorities of the organization.The entire strategic planning process is covered in detail from listening to the voice of the customer to strategy deployment for the entire organization.

IMG 7 Steps Hoshin Process